Monday, June 22, 2009

Remembering To Remember

Lately, I can think only in yin
In pink and profit
Humanity traffiked through the one way mirror
Of memory,
Honest as a hieroglyph
Or a scale of cyclopses

I always blamed her mouth, a stiletto thin spike of focused light, the little girl perpetually poised
Over the magnifying glass 

Or that's the way it seemed

I used to believe in kindness diligently, watched her hands like garderners through wax fruit and
Rubber gloves, 

Before that last back handed 
Compliment about a lost shoe

I palmed a prism
And never said her name
aloud again

it was highschool
In a closet
Of psychic ties
Too obscure even for a scientist to recognize, 

And I swallowed the things she said
 eyes and limbs divorcing from 
Their logical conclusions

And limped back from love in monochrome

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